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4300 26
Case/Int 4300 26' cultivator, coil harrow
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4300 30
Case/Int 4300 30' cultivator, 5 bar spike
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2210 31 1/2
JD 2210 31 1/2' C shank cultivator, 5 bar spike harrow, floating hitch, castor guage wheels, accu-depth sensors
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726 18
JD 726 18' soil finisher, 5 bar spike harrow
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726 mulch finisher 21
JD 726 mulch finisher 21'9"
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JD 8' 3pth 7 shank cultivator
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845 12 row scuffler
JD 845 12 row scuffler
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960 18
JD 960 18' cultivator
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980 25
JD 980 25' S tine cultivator
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